Plant Texas 

Exciting Changes Cory Page started with Youth Frameworks in August 2011. Since then, he has traveled to the Amazon many times to help and encourage the Amazon Project  and played...

Record Flooding in the Amazon 

We continue to receive reports from Iquitos regarding the impact the record flooding is having on communities both in the city and in the jungle. The statistics are staggering. The...

Seminary for Cheap 

Nothing is more pleasing than seeing the churches' willingness to take the largest share of the workload.

Help in the Amazon from Home 

#theamazonproject People always ask us, “What do you need?” That question can be hard to answer off the cuff, so we compiled a list of ways that you can help...

March 2012 Seminary in the Amazon 

Instituto Bautista de Texas en la Amazonía (Texas Baptist Institute in the Amazon) Session 2, March 2012 Journal

Hey Pastor! Get in the Game! 

I read in interesting article the other day called, “Top 10 Things People Want to Do on Your Church Website.” I know, the title leaves much to be desired, but...


Pastor, imagine this: Every person in your church can see the Scripture passage you want them to see. Every listener can follow along with the notes of your choosing. They...

QR Church 

What is a QR Barcode? It’s that funny little box that companies are putting on ads, commercials, and even products. Someone scans it with their smart phone and they are...

Speaker Network 

Variety is the spice of life, and we want to help. We know people. You need people. Let's get together.

Too Much Difference Making 

In our efforts to make a difference in the lives of young people every single week, we have forgotten one thing. We will not make a difference in the lives of young people every single week!