Record Flooding in the Amazon 

We continue to receive reports from Iquitos regarding the impact the record flooding is having on communities both in the city and in the jungle. The statistics are staggering. The...

Help in the Amazon from Home 

#theamazonproject People always ask us, “What do you need?” That question can be hard to answer off the cuff, so we compiled a list of ways that you can help...

Hey Pastor! Get in the Game! 

I read in interesting article the other day called, “Top 10 Things People Want to Do on Your Church Website.” I know, the title leaves much to be desired, but...

QR Church 

What is a QR Barcode? It’s that funny little box that companies are putting on ads, commercials, and even products. Someone scans it with their smart phone and they are...

Too Much Difference Making 

In our efforts to make a difference in the lives of young people every single week, we have forgotten one thing. We will not make a difference in the lives of young people every single week!

A Day 15 Years in the Making! 

As the vision for Youth Frameworks was being revealed by God 15 years ago, one of the things that was a part of it was having products that would be...

The Mission-Trip Compartment 

A person cannot be a missionary abroad until they become a missionary at home.

Program vs. People 

There is a Big Pink Elephant in ministry. It takes up too much room, it smells bad and it makes too much noise, but for some reason no one wants to talk about it. It is a temptation that every minister experiences at one time or another

Me and My Monk 

Did I ever lay in my bed at night and dream of the day I would stand in a Buddhist Temple in Thailand and witness to the Head Monk on his throne? No way! God is the Creative One!

Taking Down Goliath 

“David didn't go to fight Goliath. He just brought lunch”. For the Youth Volunteer or Pastor who wants to start an organized youth program, teenagers can seem like giants.