Hey Pastor! Get in the Game!

I read in interesting article the other day called, “Top 10 Things People Want to Do on Your Church Website.” I know, the title leaves much to be desired, but the content was great. Rather than totally rip off this poor guy’s article, I want to tell you what I learned.

Some of the items on the list were obvious: Find Service Information(times, direction, etc.) Others were not so obvious to the large block of conservative, “sometimes a little behind” pastors. Before I continue, let me say that there is no shame in being in this group. However, as a 29 year old seeking a church experience that utilizes tools I use everyday, there is shame in staying in this group.

Number 2 on the list was “Listen to/Download Sermons.” As I talk to pastors, I am amazed at how many are a little embarrassed about offering their sermons online. There was a time when posting any content, good or bad, on the internet was scandalous, but that time was before I graduated High School. Today, many people work from 9-5 with headphones constantly blaring into their brains. While typing away in this computer today, I have listened to a number of different albums and a few podcasts. The younger generation wants to hear your sermon on Sunday. They also want to listen to it 5 times throughout the week! It’s time to get excited about that fact!

Number 4 on the list was “Read/Download Sermon Transcripts.” Some of us would call this a blog. Today’s world is a blogger’s world. If I want to know about a product, I find a blog or discussion. If I want to get differing views on political policies, I read a blog. Sadly, too many seek blogs to find direction in the Bible. Why not take that sermon outline, write out a transcript (just as you would speak it), and upload it to the site. Paul said, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Blogs come standard with “follow” buttons.

Coming in at number 10 on the list was “Read Articles or Other Content.” People are information hungry. The world offers information. Don’t underplay how much your congregation trusts you(I know it can be scary!). You don’t need to write 10 articles a week. You might just try sharing some of the ministry related articles and books you read as a pastor. Your people trust your opinion. If you don’t offer it, they will find another one.

My basketball coach in High School could get a bit zealous. In the heat of battle, he would not take his eyes off the game. Without looking, he would walk the bench, grab an unsuspecting player by the jersey, and say “Get in the Game!” He meant it in the best way possible. This article is meant to be that gentle nudge from someone who zealously desires the best for your ministry. Get in the Game!


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