How to Join a Team

Have you ever wanted to travel to a mission field and assist a missionary in reaching the people there? If so, then Mission Outreach Teams are for you.

Each team is unique and require a wide variety of people to make them successful. Currently, the majority of our teams are classified as either Amazon Project or Sports Outreach Teams. The Amazon Project teams give preference to those who can speak Spanish. Normally, these teams are involved in doing Bible School and evangelism work. The Sports Outreach teams utilize sports (basketball to this point) as a means to gain greater access to more people and/or to open new doors of opportunity for them. Even if you aren’t an athlete, we can still use you. Skills of all kinds are required to make a successful team.

Read through our archived news and browse the pictures in our Media to see what God has done with previous teams. If you would be interested in knowing about upcoming trips and how you can apply for a team, go to our Upcoming Teams page to see what is available and download information/application packets. Contact us and let us know of your desire to be a part of one of our teams.

One thought on “How to Join a Team

  • Howdy, my name is Sean Gibson. I am a student at Texas A&M University. I have a friend that recently went on a mission trip with yall’s organization. Lately I have had the desire to go to a foreign mission field and this seems to be a good fit for me. So, if possible I would like to receive any information about future trips, requirements, etc.

    Thanks, and God Bless

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