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Mission Outreach LogoTo say that our Mission Outreach Teams had humble beginnings would definitely be an understatement. After Robert Wallace had made a solo trip to the Philippines, he was making a presentation about the trip. At the end, he mentioned that he had been invited back and that he wouldn’t mind some company. One young man approached him and said he would like to go. Welcome to the first team trip.

While on the second trip to the Philippines, the lone team member made an interesting observation about the crusades we were conducting. We would arrive in a city, town, community, village and go to the local basketball court (the community gathering place). We would clear the players from the court and set-up the equipment for the crusade and then attempt to get everyone back to hear the Gospel. His observation was, “Why don’t we bring a basketball team and play the locals? Then everyone would show up.” After discussing it with the missionaries, plans were underway.

Logo 1The following year we took six “players” and played in 6 events in a two week period. This was our first Sports Outreach Team. P6050002The results were 75 people received Jesus as their Savior, the name of the church and missionary highlighted throughout their communities and the missionaries gained a lot of credibility in the eyes of the local government officials and the community as a whole.

In 2008, the focus was adjusted slightly for the better. Due to the difficulty of recruiting a team to play and the fact that we were limited by physical stamina that didn’t allow us to do as many events as we would like, we decided to teach basketball instead of playing it. The ’08 Team went to Thailand. The missionaries knew of a city (60,000 people) that was in a strategic location for their ministry, but they didn’t know how receptive they would be to them.

23When the offer was presented to the local government officials for us to come and work there teaching basketball and English as a second language, they immediately accepted and took us to the Superintendent of Schools who immediately made the offer for us to go into any school in the area to do anything we wanted. Including sharing the Gospel! We took a team and saw the community welcome us with open arms and  offer the school facilities and other support if the missionaries wanted to come conduct weekly Bible studies!

A return to Thailand in 2009 was initiated when a retired government official (an

Rob and Monk

atheist) was helping one of the missionaries scout new locations to minister. He mentioned that he knew he could get some local government official in the area to support our team if we came. Little did we know that our host was the local Buddhist monk! Even fully understanding that we were a Christian group seeking to spread the Gospel, he welcomed us with open arms and even enthusiastically invited us back! This after we had shared the Gospel with all the school children and with him personally while in his temple!

Also in 2009, The Amazon Project was born. As the result of a medical team going to the Amazon Lodge in the jungles of Peru as a sightseeing trip a couple of years earlier and learning that there were no churches and people willing to listen to God’s Word, we prepared and took a team to conduct Bible Schools and evangelistic activities. This project will be ongoing for MANY years to come. During the two trips made there in 2009, there were a total of 54 people to received Christ and many others who expressed an interest in learning more from God’s Word.

To see more of what happened on our September 2010 Survey Trip check out our report at

Be sure to look around the Media pages to see and hear more about these exciting teams. Also check out our Upcoming Teams and let us know if you feel God would like for you to join us on future trips.

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