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What is a QR Barcode? It’s that funny little box that companies are putting on ads, commercials, and even products. Someone scans it with their smart phone and they are taken to the company’s website. What can this do for ministry?

Imagine this:

You slave over a hot sermon all week long. Rather than let it reach its peak on Sunday Morning, you decide that a sermon is best when it lands in the discussions of the congregation. You type a few discussion questions based on the sermon and post them on your church website or Facebook page (which would probably be better). Then, you go to a website such as www.qrstuff.com or any one of the hundreds of other free QR Barcode generator sites, and create a QR Barcode for you discussion questions. Then, you print that barcode in your bulletin. The people of your church who want to be a part of a dialogue about the sermon scan the barcode during church (let’s be honest, people are multi-taskers today), go to the website, and post comments and questions. Suddenly, your sermon is interactive! No more worrying if your sermon fell flat. You can know instantly!

The slogan for MinistryMall.org is “Translating the Gospel for the Digital World.” This does not mean youth. It means anyone that has the internet, a smart phone, or any desire to do anything the way things are done today. I dare you to try this with your Sunday sermons and see what happens. You may find that your potential for leading your congregation through the Scriptures just grew exponentially.

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