Youth Leader Training

Training is available for your entire Ministry Team, whether for a paid staff, Sunday School teachers or volunteer leaders. We offer stand alone, one-day seminars that your church can host or we can conduct various workshops as a part of a larger, more inclusive event.

The one-day seminars are ideal for a local association or a region of churches to utilize. Click on the links for the Level 1 and Level 2 seminars below for more details of what is included in them. Always keep in mind that we are willing to customize the training to your particular needs. Contact us for more details on hosting or attending training. Click here to download a Potential Host Packet.

For those interested in intensive, degree-based training, it is available through Youth Frameworks and Texas Baptist Institute & Seminary.  Students who enroll in this program will receive a core of Bible study and Bible-related instruction and will take 12 classes in addition to those in Youth Ministry or related subjects.

Level 1: Planting a Growing Youth Ministry

Level 2: Developing Ministers and Ministries

Stand-Alone Workshop Examples

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