Level 2

Developing Ministries and Ministers

Ingredients of a Great Leader

Whether you teach an organized class or not, you are a teacher of at least one young person.  This workshop will explore what it takes to be a great teacher both in and out of the classroom.

The Volunteer Trap

One of the biggest “headaches” of Youth Ministry is recruiting, training and keeping volunteers.  Each member of the leadership team must realize their role in this crucial part of ministry.

Cheerleading for Youth Ministry

Regardless of how great a desire you have to reach and teach teens, if  you don’t have the support of the entire church, then it won’t be successful.  This session will explore making your church a “teen friendly” one.

“What Do I Say When…”

If you present yourself as a Youth Leader, there will be times that a teen will ask you a question that you may not be prepared to answer.  While you may not be a “counselor,” teens will look to you for advice on those hard questions of life.

Inside the Mind of a Teenager

This session is not for the faint of heart.  It is sometimes scary to explore what happens in the mind of a teenager.  However, if adults don’t have an understanding of the mindset of a teen, then they will be limited in their ministry to them.

Sample Schedule of Events

8:30 a.m.       Registration

9:00 a.m.       Introduction

9:15 a.m.       “Ingredients of a Great Leader”

10:15 a.m.     Break

10:30 a.m.     “The Volunteer Trap”

11:30 a.m.     Lunch

12:15 p.m.     “Cheerleading for Youth Ministry”

1:00 p.m.       Break

1:15 p.m.       “What Do I Say When…?”

2:00 p.m.       Break

2:15 p.m.       “Inside The Mind Of A Teenager”

3:00 p.m.       Dismiss

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