Stand-Alone Workshops

The Big Deal About Small Groups

“Small groups” is a catch phrase in today’s churches.  This session will explore what they are, if we need them and if we do, how to make them work.

Outside Tech, Inside Teach

Technology now touches every area of life. Many times, however, we allow a perception of expense and other negative factors to stop us from using it in our teaching. This workshop will investigate ways to use technology outside the classroom to help make you a better teacher inside the classroom.  We may even find inexpensive ways for you to use it in the classroom as well.

Recapturing Generation Lost

“We are only one generation away from God’s work ceasing.”  That is a quote that has been used by religious leaders for years.  If true, then we are in trouble.  Where are the 20-something and 30-something generations in our churches today?  This workshop will explore the problem and possible solutions for recapturing those we have lost.

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