In 1989, Robert Wallace was called by Calvary Baptist Church in Henderson, TX, to serve as Youth Pastor. Over the next 7 years, God blessed Calvary with tremendous growth both spiritually and numerically. As a result, Robert received many calls and visits from those from other churches and ministries asking for advice or ideas. While he understood that he didn’t have all the answers, he was blessed with the opportunity to get some good training and was faced with some unique experiences that seemed to help.

Early in 1996, God began to call Robert to change the course of his ministry. That change resulted in the founding of Youth Frameworks. Original Logo

From the start, the goal was to ensure that anything done by the ministry would have the goal of making a long-term impact on those churches and individuals who participate. Initially, there were two main Resources offered. A speaker for events and Youth Leader Training Seminars. The later offered since regardless of how great the special event may be, it takes those there day-in and day-out to do the hard work of discipling and training those who are interested.

In 2001, a new layer of the vision for the ministry was realized when Texas Baptist Institute and Seminary offered us the opportunity to develop and teach a Youth Ministry program at the school. This gave us the opportunity to train those who feel called to work with young people as a profession. In turn, this allows the ministry to be multiplied.

In 2002, David Smith of Macedonian Missionary Service invited Robert to be a part of a team going to Ukraine to work with a youth camp and conduct Youth Leader training. The ultimate result of that trip was to verify that the principles and strategies that we had been teaching would apply internationally.

Since that time, while the original elements of the ministry remain, the international element has exploded! We have had the opportunity to participate in camps, crusades, training and outreach events in the Philippines (4 trips), Japan, Scotland (2 trips), Thailand (3 trips) and our latest addition The Amazon Project in Peru.

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